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Physical/Psychological Evaluations


The Colorado Revised Statute for the Physical/Psychological evaluation requirement is as follows:

24-31-303. Duties - powers of the POST board

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(5) It is unlawful for any person to serve as a peace officer, as described in section 16-2.5-102, C.R.S., or a reserve peace officer as defined in section 16-2.5-110, C.R.S., in this state unless such person:

(a) Is certified pursuant to this part 3; and

(b) Has undergone both a physical and a psychological evaluation to determine such person's fitness to serve as a peace officer or a reserve peace officer. Such evaluations shall have been performed within one year prior to the date of appointment by a physician and either a psychologist or psychiatrist licensed by the state of Colorado.

  • Any officer separating from one Colorado agency and appointed by another Colorado agency must undergo physical/psychological evaluations, unless physical/psychological evaluations have been conducted within the preceding three years and are made available to the appointing agency.
  • PROVISIONAL (Out-of-state applicants)
  • All officers RENEWING their expired certification must have physical/psychological evaluations prior to appointment.

The above statute was defined by the POST Board for anyone working in a certified position in Colorado

16-2.5-102. Certified peace officer – POST certification required

The following peace officers shall meet all the standards imposed by law on a peace officer and shall be certified by the peace officers standards and training board, referred to in this article as the "POST board": A chief of police; a police officer; a sheriff; an undersheriff; a deputy sheriff; a Colorado state patrol officer; a town marshal; a deputy town marshal; a reserve police officer; a reserve deputy sheriff; a reserve deputy town marshal; the director of the Colorado bureau of investigation; a police officer or reserve police officer employed by a state institution of higher education; a Colorado wildlife officer; a Colorado parks and recreation officer; a Colorado police administrator or police officer employed by the Colorado mental health institute at Pueblo; an attorney general criminal investigator; a community parole officer; a public transit officer; a municipal court marshal; and the department of corrections inspector general.