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POST-Approved Skills Instructors

Instructors Approved To Teach at POST Academies

The database shared here is only for academy skills instructors in accordance with POST Rule 23, Academy Skills Instructors, and does not include all skills instructors in the state. In addition, POST Rules do not require that an instructor have a current Colorado POST certification in order to teach at a POST-approved academy.

To seek approval for a Full Skills Instructor, please fill out this form and provide it alongside the relevant documentation. The sidebar on the right side of this page has the contact information for the relevant SME liaisons.

Once a skills instructor meets the Rule 23 criteria and is approved, the instructor may teach at any Colorado POST-approved academy. However, Colorado POST does not vet the individual’s skills, nor is there a requirement by POST to attend additional training after the instructor has been approved.

If you are seeking approval as assistant or full skills instructor for an academy follow the outlined procedure highlighted in POST Rule 23

If you believe that you should appear on this list and do not, please email Make sure to attach any relevant documentation to your email.

The list is also available in the Excel spreadsheet format at the bottom of the page.

Full Skills Instructor List
Instructor NameFull or AssistantSkillDisciplineAcademy Affiliation, Initial Date Approved
Abbott, RobertFullDriving Highlands Ranch7/28/2003
Abbotts, MarkFullFirearms Colorado Springs PD11/13/2009
Abbotts, MarkFullArrest ControlFBIColorado Springs PD10/11/2013
Abbotts, MarkFullDriving Colorado Springs PD3/7/2014
Abendschan, JacobFullArrest ControlPPCTEl Paso County SO8/1/2005
Abendschan, JacobFullArrest ControlEPSOEl Paso County SO12/5/2008
Abramson, RonaldFullFirearms Colorado Rangers1/12/2018
Acey, ScottFullFirearms Colorado Springs PD11/13/2009
Ackerman, LloydFullDriving Jefferson County SO 9/20/2006
Ackerman, LloydFullFirearms Jefferson County SO 10/16/2009
Adams, MarkFullArrest ControlJeff-LPDJeffco-Lakewood5/11/2018
Aga, DavidFullDriving Pikes Peak CC8/27/2009
Aitken, Johnna P.FullDriving Denver PD11/21/2014
Aitken-Nelson, LisaFullDriving Denver PD9/24/2021
Aitken-Nelson, LisaFullArrest ControlDPDDenver PD7/22/2022
Albright, Walter V.FullDriving Denver PD2/3/2005
Alfonso, JacobFullArrest Control Pueblo PD9/8/2017
Alliprandine, ChristopherFullFirearms Adams County SO2/10/2017
Allmon, DavidFullDriving Durango - Pueblo CC3/11/2011
Alstatt, MeganFullArrest ControlFBIColorado Mountain College12/3/2021
Anderson, JoshFullFirearms Douglas County SO2/14/2020
Anderson, KennethFullDriving Aurora PD9/9/2022
Anderson, KennethFullFirearms Aurora PD9/9/2022
Anderson, KennethFullArrest ControlAurora PDAurora PD9/23/2022
Anderson, MarkFullFirearms CMC Glenwood 
Anderson, ZacheryFullArrest ControlLCSOLarimer County SO6/2/2023
Arambel, TannerFullFirearms Highlands Ranch8/14/2020
Archibeque, Joseph Q.FullDriving Delta-Montrose8/2/2005
Archuleta, AlFullArrest ControlDPDDenver PD2/20/2006
Archuleta, AlFullDriving Denver PD6/5/2009
Archuleta, FrankFullArrest ControlPPCTAlamosa - SCLETA11/8/2013
Arellano, DavidFullFirearms Denver PD8/11/2023
Arington, JulieFullFirearms Arapahoe CC2/13/2009
Armentrout, JeffFullArrest ControlLCSOLarimer County SO3/1/2013
Armstrong, Otto L. (Linn)FullFirearms Delta-Montrose11/19/2010
Arvisais, WalterFullDriving Longmont Police Department3/27/2020
Aten, DanFullDriving Jefferson County SO 1/31/2005
Athey, GlenFullFirearms El Paso County SO3/16/2004
Aulston, DarrellFullDriving CSP Academy1/24/2008
Baca, JoaquinFullArrest ControlPPCTPolice Corps8/25/2004
Baca, JoaquinFullArrest ControlJeff-LPDJeffco-LPD Combined6/8/2012
Baca,PaulFullFirearms Jefferson County SO10/9/2020
Bach, MatthewFullArrest ControlFBIDouglas County SO5/11/2020
Bach, MatthewFullArrest ControlHighlands RanchHighlands Ranch7/22/2022
Bachman, JasonFullArrest ControlPPCTCSP Academy12/7/2007
Bachman, JasonFullArrest ControlCSPCSP Academy12/4/2009
Badberg, TroyFullDriving Larimer County SO12/6/2019
Bagby, JimFullFirearms Colorado Springs PD4/18/2008
Bailey, JasonFullFirearms Western Colorado CC4/10/2020
Baker, AndrewFullArrest ControlFBI/PPCTPikes Peak CC6/8/2007
Baker, RobertFullDriving Jefferson County SO 6/5/2003
Baker, WilliamFullFirearms Western Colorado CC10/26/2007
Ballard, MatthewFullArrest ControlFBIPueblo PD6/12/2015
Balltrip, KennethFullArrest ControlPPCTWeld County SO3/11/2011
Bankey, RichardFullDriving El Paso County SO5/28/2004
Barba, RyanFullArrest ControlPPCTCSP Academy8/13/2009
Barba, RyanFullArrest ControlCSPCSP Academy12/4/2009
Barbagiovanni, JoeFullFirearms Jefferson County SO 3/21/2005
Barker, LarryFullFirearms Weld County SO1/22/2010
Barnes, DarinFullFirearms Alamosa-TSJC9/8/2017
Barnes, RandalFullDriving Jefferson County SO 9/4/2008
Barnes, RandyFullFirearms Jefferson County SO 9/14/2007
Barrella, TommyFullDriving Highlands Ranch9/9/2022
Barrett, CodyFullArrest ControlHighlands RanchHighlands Ranch6/2/2023
Bauer, ChadFullFirearms Pikes Peak CC1/10/2020
Baughman, RickFullFirearms Jefferson County SO 3/31/2003
Baughman, RickFullDriving Jefferson County SO 6/5/2003
Beach, ChadFullArrest ControlPPCTRangely - CNCC3/9/2007
Beach, ChadFullArrest ControlFBIDelta-Montrose12/5/2008
Beaulieu, KirkFullFirearms Jeffco-Lakewood11/17/2017
Bechert, RyanFullDriving Highlands Ranch9/18/2015
Beers, Ivan (Ike)FullArrest ControlJeff-LPDJeffco-LPD Combined2/7/2014
Bellomy, ScottFullFirearms Jefferson County SO 8/25/2006
Benbow, AllenFullArrest ControlLCSOLarimer County SO3/27/2020
Benner, BobFullDriving Aurora PD3/31/2003
Bennington, LarryFullFirearms Red Rocks CC9/2/2004
Berg, Ryan T. FullFirearms Larimer County SO8/27/2010
Berry, JamesFullFirearms TCR-Delta11/3/2023
Bertsch,BrandonFullArrest ControlTrinidad LEATrinidad State Junior Clg8/12/2022
Beye, WilliamFullFirearms Denver PD4/13/2007
Beyer, DavidFullFirearms Highlands Ranch12/9/2005
Billadeau, MatthewFullDriving CSP Academy6/12/2015
Bingham, ChadFullDriving Jefferson County SO 3/9/2012
Black, David A. FullDriving Pueblo CC3/6/2009
Black, DonaldFullArrest ControlKogaCC Aurora3/6/2015
Black, RyanFullDriving Alamosa - SCLETA3/12/2010
Black, TimFullFirearms Red Rocks CC8/17/2012
Blackburn, RandyFullDriving Colorado Springs PD12/7/2018
Bland, ChristopherFullFirearms Highlands Ranch11/15/2022
Blankenheim, RyanFullFirearms Jeffco-LPD Combined8/19/2022
Blatner, DavidFullFirearms CSP Academy5/17/2005
Boarman, GlennFullArrest ControlFBI/PPCTEl Paso County SO5/28/2004
Bodmer, JeffreyFullFirearms Pueblo PD8/4/2004
Bogan, DavidFullFirearms El Paso County SO4/12/2013
Boggs, MichaelFullDriving El Paso County SO6/28/2004
Boies, TimFullFirearms Pueblo PD12/24/2001
Bolden, TyroneFullArrest ControlEPSOEl Paso County SO11/11/2011
Bolte, PaulFullArrest ControlAurora PDAurora PD4/22/2022
Bolte, PaulFullFirearms Highlands Ranch7/8/2022
Bolte, PaulFullArrest ControlACOSTAACOSTA12/8/2023
Bonnelycke, SvenFullFirearms Pikes Peak CC3/7/2014
Bonomo, JoeFullArrest ControlCSPDColorado Springs PD6/5/2009
Bonomo, JoeFullDriving Colorado Springs PD6/5/2009
Bordewick, MatthewFullFirearms Front Range CC12/3/2021
Borst, Frederick LeviFullArrest ControlPPCTGlenwood - CMC3/11/2016
Borst, Frederick LeviFullFirearms Glenwood - CMC3/11/2016
Bourgerie, ErikFullFirearms Red Rocks CC1/22/2002
Boward, MichaelFullDriving Fort Collins Police Services9/5/2018
Bowen, MaxFullDriving CMC Glenwood9/5/2018
Bowen, RandyFullFirearms El Paso County SO7/7/2003
Bowser, Jacob E. FullFirearms Larimer County SO8/27/2010
Boyce, TomFullArrest ControlKOGAMontezuma County 10/2/2002
Boyne, MackenzieFullDriving El Paso County SO9/24/2021
Bradley, Holley FullFirearms El Paso County SO12/16/2004
Bradley, TimothyFullFirearms El Paso County SO5/13/2016
Brandt, JohnFullFirearms El Paso County SO9/2/2004
Bray, GlennFullFirearms Durango - Pueblo CC6/8/2012
Brede, MattFullDriving Fort Collins Police Services12/1/2023
Bredehoeft, JeffFullFirearms Highlands Ranch5/26/2005
Brey, Jacob FullFirearms Arapahoe CC5/13/2016
Bridge, TerryFullFirearms Western Colorado CC6/20/2008
Briles, ArtFullFirearms Jefferson County SO 12/9/2005
Brill, AaronFullArrest ControlDPDDenver PD6/5/2009
Brink, RobertFullDriving Highlands Ranch3/26/2021
Brklich, NickolasFullDriving El Paso County SO12/5/2008
Brklich, NickolasFullFirearms EPSO2/9/2018
Broderius, JohnFullFirearms Weld County SO12/3/2021
Brodheim, EricFullDriving Adams County SO12/8/2006
Brookman, RichardFullDriving Adams County SO9/24/2021
Brooks, AllenFullDriving Pueblo CC3/12/2010
Brooks, Christopher L. FullDriving Western Colorado CC12/4/2009
Brooks, Marc A.FullFirearms Adams County SO11/8/2019
Brooks, MatthewFullFirearms Thornton PD9/8/2023
Brooks, MichaelFullFirearms Larimer County SO12/9/2005
Broward, MikeFullDriving Adams County SO9/5/2018
Brown, AlFullArrest ControlFt. CollinsFt. Collins11/3/2023
Brown, AndrewFullArrest ControlAurora PDAurora PD4/22/2022
Brown, AndrewFullDriving Aurora PD6/2/2022
Brown, ChristopherFullFirearms Front Range CC4/12/2019
Brown, DaltonFullFirearms Fort Collins Police Services9/9/2022
Brown, GlenFullFirearms CSP Academy7/17/2015
Brown, MichaelFullArrest ControlPPCTBuena Vista - CMC1/23/2002
Brown, MichaelFullFirearms Buena Vista - CMC9/30/2003
Bruce, DavidFullArrest ControlPPCTNE Regional1/22/2002
Bruce, DavidFullDriving NE Regional9/30/2003
Bruce, DavidFullFirearms NE Regional9/30/2003
Brumbaugh, MichaelFullFirearms Arvada PD3/26/2021
Brun, KevinFullDriving Glenwood - CMC3/7/2008
Brunin, Edward J.FullFirearms Larimer County SO9/30/2005
Brush, EvanFullFirearms Larimer County SO12/7/2018
Buchan, EmilyFullDriving Aurora PD3/9/2018
Buck, KevinFullArrest ControlFBIPueblo PD3/9/2007
Buckner, CharlesFullArrest ControlFBIHighlands Ranch9/18/2015
Buckner, CharlesFullArrest ControlHighlands RanchHighlands Ranch7/22/2022
Buettell, FlintFullDriving Lakewood PD5/24/2004
Bunch, JoshuaFullDriving Western Colorado CC6/4/2021
Burgos, JesusFullDriving Pueblo LEA3/10/2023
Burke, EricFullDriving Aurora PD6/13/2014
Burke, Eric N.FullArrest ControlKOGAAurora PD3/9/2012
Burke, Eric N. FullFirearms Aurora PD4/20/2012
Burns, WilliamFullFirearms El Paso County SO4/13/2007
Businger, NathanFullDriving CSP Academy12/7/2012
Butierres, AngeloFullFirearms Colorado Springs PD6/5/2003
Cahenzli, MichaelFullFirearms Aurora PD5/23/2005
Calahan, HarlenFullArrest ControlPPCTEl Paso County SO5/28/2004
Calkins, JustinFullArrest ControlLCSOLarimer County SO12/14/2015
Campagna, TomFullArrest ControlAurora PDAurora PD3/27/2020
Campbell, ChristopherFullDriving Highlands Ranch6/6/2023
Campbell, MauriceFullDriving Colorado Springs PD2/1/2005
Campbell, TyroneFullDriving Denver PD9/18/2015
Cannizzaro, JeffFullFirearms WCPOA1/13/2023
Cannon, KristinFullDriving Southwestern CC - Mancos12/1/2023
Cantrell, David J.Full Firearms Red Rocks CC4/2/2003
Cappello, DamianFullArrest ControlJeff-LPDJeffco-LPD Combined6/8/2012
Cardenas, GilbertoFullDriving CSP Academy12/16/2016
Carline, TomFullArrest ControlPPCTSCLETA12/27/2001
Carline, TomFullFirearms SCLETA12/27/2001
Carnell, EricFullDriving El Paso County SO9/5/2018
Carpenter, JeffFullFirearms Pueblo PD6/5/2009
Carpenter, JeffFullFirearms Pueblo PD1/10/2020
Carpenter, LisaFullFirearms Weld County SO4/13/2018
Carpenter, LisaFullFirearms Weld SO4/13/2018
Carter, DanFullDriving Colorado Springs PD12/9/2005
Carter, DanFullArrest ControlCSPDColorado Springs PD6/5/2009
Carter, DanFullArrest ControlFBIColorado Springs PD6/5/2009
Carter, L Randall(Randy)FullDriving Weld County SO6/2/2017
Caruso, NeilFullFirearms El Paso County SO1/14/2011
Case, ScottFullDriving Jeffco-LPD Combined9/12/2014
Casorla, GlendaFullFirearms Jefferson County SO 1/22/2002
Casorla, TimothyFullFirearms CC Aurora5/17/2005
Castro, RomanFullArrest ControlFBIPueblo PD11/4/2022
Castrodale, JohnFullDriving CSP Academy5/23/2005
Chagolla, Steven M.FullDriving Denver PD2/3/2005
Chanza, Rafael FullFirearms Colorado Springs PD6/23/2010
Chapola, PeterFullArrest ControlFBIWestern Colorado CC3/9/2007
Charles, TheronFullFirearms Colorado Springs PD6/2/2017
Chasteen, ArronFullDriving Pueblo PD9/7/2012
Christensen, CoryFullFirearms Larimer County SO5/17/2005
Church, ColterFullFirearms WCPOA12/1/2023
Claggett, CynthiaFullArrest ControlLCSOLarimer County SO4/22/2022
Clancy, Mark G.FullFirearms Larimer County SO4/15/2016
Claps, GeneFullFirearms Adams County SO8/17/2012
Clarkson, CoreyFullDriving Highlands Ranch6/4/2021
Claspell, WilliamFullFirearms Otero Junior College8/25/2006
Clayton, AnthonyFullDriving Western Colorado CC6/20/2008
Clements, DaveFullDriving Pueblo CC3/6/2009
Cleveland, JacobFullFirearms Colorado State Patrol12/1/2023
Clippinger, JeffFullFirearms Colorado Springs PD9/8/2017
Clippinger, TrishaFullDriving Colorado Springs PD9/5/2018
Clippinger, TrishaFullArrest ControlFBIColorado Springs PD9/14/2018
Closs, DanFullDriving Jeffco-LPD Combined12/1/2023
Cochenour, WilliamFullFirearms Lakewood PD1/18/2008
Cody, TomFullFirearms Pueblo PD2/10/2004
Coffee, Richard L.FullDriving Adams County SO8/27/2009
Cohen, DavidFullFirearms Front Range CC5/12/2023
Cole, JohnFullDriving El Paso County SO3/1/2013
Cole, NicholasFullArrest Control Weld County SO3/26/2021
Cole, NorrisFullArrest ControlPPCTEl Paso County SO5/11/2007
Cole, NorrisFullArrest ControlEPSOEl Paso County SO3/6/2009
Coleman, AaronFullFirearms Highlands Ranch10/15/2021
Collins, MikeFullArrest ControlPPCTBuena Vista - CMC3/21/2005
Colvin, Thomas S.FullFirearms Larimer County SO5/18/2007
Combs, ToddFullFirearms CSP Academy6/12/2015
Compton, CoreyFullFirearms Colorado Springs PD3/27/2007
Compton, MichaelFullDriving Colorado Springs PD10/25/2007
Compton, ShawnFullDriving Colorado Springs PD9/5/2018
Compton, ShawnFullArrest ControlFBIColorado Springs PD9/14/2018
Compton, ShawnFullFirearms Colorado Springs PD9/14/2018
Condreay, CurticeFullDriving Jefferson County SO 9/18/2020
Cooper, BrianFullFirearms Alamosa - SCLETA4/23/2010
Cooper, MitchellFullDriving El Paso County SO10/1/2004
Cordova, DanielFullArrest ControlPPCTAdams County SO3/9/2012
Cordova, KennethFullArrest ControlFBIPueblo PD3/10/2023
Countryman, TyFullDriving Lakewood PD5/24/2004
Cowley, GarthFullFirearms Delta-Montrose12/2/2011
Cummings, JoeFullFirearms Highlands Ranch10/15/2021
Cummings, MichaelFullFirearms Highlands Ranch2/15/2008
Cummings, MichaelFullDriving Highlands Ranch3/7/2008
Cunningham, QuinnFullFirearms Adams County SO1/14/2011
Currier, FredFullFirearms Alamosa County SO4/10/2002
Curry, StewartFullDriving Glenwood - CMC9/16/2016
Curry, StewartFullArrest ControlPPCTGlenwood - CMC3/24/2017
Cyr, DanielFullArrest ControlPPCTDurango - Pueblo CC12/9/2005
Dahl, EricFullDriving El Paso County SO9/5/2018
Dalessandri, ThomasFullDriving Alamosa - SCLETA6/27/2008
D'Amour, ChrisFullArrest ControlFBIPueblo PD8/4/2004
Dattilo, AnthonyFullFirearms None2/3/2005
Daufenbach, ConradFullFirearms Highlands Ranch11/3/2023
David, EdwardFullFirearms Denver PD9/30/2005
David, PatrickFullArrest ControlFBIColorado Springs PD8/2/2013
David, PatrickFullFirearms Colorado Springs PD9/14/2018
Davidson, Rodney Jr.FullDriving Otero Junior College9/4/2008
Davis, JeffFullDriving Western Colorado CC9/5/2018
Davis, JefferyFullFirearms Western Colorado CC9/12/2014
Davis, RobertFullDriving Rangely - CNCC8/1/2001
Dawson, BrettFullFirearms El Paso County SO8/9/2019
Day, ChadFullArrest ControlLCSOLarimer County SO6/20/2008
Day, ScottFullFirearms Denver PD11/8/2019
Day, ScottFullDriving Denver PD9/18/2020
Day, ScottFullArrest Control Denver PD1/22/2021
Day, ScottFullArrest ControlDPDDenver PD1/22/2021
DeAndrea, AlfredFullFirearms Red Rocks CC3/21/2005
Debski, MarcinFullArrest Control CMC Glenwood7/14/2017
DeCesaro, ThomasFullArrest Control Pueblo PD9/8/2017
DeCesaro, ThomasFullFirearms Pueblo PD11/17/2017
Deehring, KatherinFullFirearms El Paso County SO11/18/2016
Delahanty, KeithFullFirearms Aurora PD1/26/2007
Delahanty, KeithFullArrest ControlKOGAAurora PD3/7/2008
Delena, Colleen B.FullArrest ControlKOGAAurora PD6/3/2011
Delena, Colleen B. FullFirearms Aurora PD4/20/2012
Deleon, MicheleFullArrest ControlJeff-LPDJeffco-LPD Combined3/27/2020
Deming, BretFullFirearms Southwestern CC - Mancos4/12/2019
Denley, RoyFullFirearms Adams County SO2/14/2014
DeRoehn, KrisFullFirearms Jeffco-LPD Combined5/18/2012
Deutsch, ToddFullArrest ControlFBIWeld County SO3/6/2015
Dewhurst, MarkFullDriving Lakewood PD5/24/2004
Dewhurst, MarkFullFirearms Lakewood PD1/18/2008
Dick, BrianFullArrest ControlFBIJefferson County SO 8/1/2005
Dipzinski, LisaFullArrest ControlFBI/PPCTEl Paso County SO2/9/2004
DiRezza, MarcFullFirearms Lakewood PD1/18/2008
DiVirgilio, AnnFullFirearms Red Rocks CC3/21/2005
Dix, MarkFullFirearms Colorado Springs PD12/7/2004
Dixon, MichaelFullFirearms WCPOA7/7/2023
D'Mellow, Derrick FullFirearms El Paso County SO7/18/2008
Dobbs, DallasFull Firearms Douglas County SO10/9/2020
Dodson, CaseyFullArrest ControlFBIWestern Colorado CC11/21/2014
Donels, RobertFullDriving El Paso County SO6/20/2008
Doney, WesFullDriving Front Range CC3/10/2023
Donoho, KristenFullDriving Highlands Ranch3/26/2021
Doty, IanFullArrest ControlLCSOLarimer County SO7/22/2022
Dowd, MichaelFullArrest ControlPPCTPueblo CC4/21/2006
Dowd, MikeFullFirearms Pueblo CC3/24/2006
Downer, JustinFullFirearms CSP Academy5/23/2005
Downs, RossFullDriving Colorado Mountain College9/24/2021
Downs, RossFullFirearms Colorado Mountain College9/24/2021
Draper, William D.FullFirearms El Paso County SO10/14/2011
Dryman, ChristopherFullFirearms Colorado Springs PD6/2/2017
Duda, KeithFullDriving El Paso County SO6/14/2013
Duenas,NathanFullArrest ControlEPSOEl Paso County SO11/3/2023
Dufva, MatthewFullFirearms Southwestern CC - Mancos11/3/2023
Dukes,DeWayne KeenanFullArrest ControlEPSOEl Paso County SO6/14/2013
Dumont, DanielFullDriving Highlands Ranch6/13/2023
Dumont, DanielFullFirearms Highlands Ranch11/3/2023
Duncan, MikeFullArrest ControlCSPCSP Academy1/28/2021
Dunivan, SteveFullDriving Delta-Montrose8/27/2009
Dunlevy, PatFullArrest ControlJeff-LPDLakewood PD6/4/2021
Dunne, GrahamFullArrest ControlKOGAAurora PD8/2/2005
Dunne, GrahamFullFirearms Aurora PD10/26/2007
Ediger,JacobFullArrest ControlLCSOEvans PD11/3/2023
Edmundson, Martin D.FullArrest ControlPPCTColorado Springs PD8/1/2001
Edmundson, Martin D.FullDriving Colorado Springs PD8/1/2001
Ehrhardt, JasonFullDriving Adams SO3/9/2018
Eli, MichaelFullFirearms Aurora PD5/23/2005
Eli, Michael RFullArrest ControlKOGAAurora PD3/24/2017
Eli, Michael RFullDriving Aurora PD6/2/2017
Elliot, LaneFullDriving Otero Junior College9/24/2021
Ellis, Michele (Shelli)FullFirearms Pueblo PD6/5/2009
Emerson, LoganFullArrest ControlACOSTAACOSTA12/8/2023
Emerson, SteveFullArrest ControlKOGAAurora PD12/22/2004
Emery, NathanFullFirearms Colorado State Patrol12/3/2021
Engebrecht, MikeFullFirearms Otero Junior College11/18/2016
Engel, JeffFullArrest ControlFBIPikes Peak CC8/2/2004
Erhardt, BrianFullArrest ControlEPSOEl Paso County SO11/6/2015
Ericksen, Leonard DougFullArrest ControlFBI/PPCTEl Paso County SO6/28/2004
Ericksen, Leonard DougFullArrest ControlEPSOEl Paso County SO12/5/2008
Erickson, CharlieFullArrest ControlFBIDouglas County SO3/3/2005
Ervin, KentFullFirearms Pueblo CC2/17/2012
Esters, MichaelFullArrest ControlLCSOLarimer County SO2/20/2006
Evans, JohnieFullArrest ControlPPCTArapahoe CC9/18/2015
Evans, RobertFullDriving Aurora PD9/20/2006
Everett, DavidFullFirearms Red Rocks CC12/21/2004
Everhart, GregFullFirearms Jefferson County SO 4/17/2009
Ewell, WilliamFullFirearms El Paso County SO9/30/2003
Eye, ChristopherFullArrest ControlPPCTAdams County SO3/11/2016
Eyman, MichaelFullArrest ControlPPCTRed Rocks CC2/20/2006
Farmer, PamelaFullArrest ControlFBIColorado Springs PD5/8/2015
Fast, Joshua T.FullFirearms Larimer County SO1/16/2015
Fazio, Salvatore (Sam)FullFirearms Aurora PD8/17/2007
Fender, BobbieFullFirearms Durango - Pueblo CC2/16/2007
Fender, VanceFullFirearms Highlands Ranch12/18/2020
Ferris, MikeFullArrest ControlFBIJefferson County SO 2/9/2004
Fief, SamuelFullFirearms Otero Junior College3/11/2016
Figueroa, Daniel P.FullArrest ControlDPDDenver PD8/22/2014
Figueroa, Daniel P.FullDriving Denver PD11/21/2014
Fisher, JohnFullFirearms Pikes Peak CC12/8/2006
Fisher, RobertFullArrest ControlFBIWestern Colorado CC12/7/2007
Fisher, RobertFullFirearms Western Colorado CC2/15/2013
Fisher, RobertFullDriving Western Colorado CC3/1/2013
Fleming, ChristineFullArrest ControlLCSOLarimer County SO7/7/2020
Fleming, MattFullDriving Colorado Springs PD12/1/2023
Fleming, RichardFullFirearms Jefferson County SO 11/16/2007
Flores, ChristopherFullArrest ControlFBIPueblo PD1/13/2017
Flores, ChristopherFullDriving Pueblo PD3/24/2017
Flot, BrentFullDriving Weld County SO6/13/2014
Foechterle, JohnFullFirearms Delta-Montrose5/17/2005
Folmar, MichelleFullDriving Denver PD9/12/2014
Fortunato, GeorgeFullArrest ControlPPCTDelta-Montrose10/27/2005
Fox, RhettFullFirearms Aurora PD4/13/2018
Fox, RhettFullFirearms Aurora PD4/13/2018
Fox, Rhett JFullArrest ControlKOGAAurora PD3/24/2017
Fraker, VinceFullArrest ControlPPCTOtero Junior College12/9/2005
Freidenberger, SuzetteFullArrest ControlFBIWestern Colorado CC11/21/2014
Freismuth, Philip B.FullDriving Delta-Montrose8/2/2005
Friesen, JasonFullFirearms Highlands Ranch5/29/2020
Furney, JeffFullFirearms Pueblo PD6/23/2010
Gabrielson, NateFullFirearms Colorado Springs PD4/22/2022
Gallegos, PenelopeFullArrest ControlPPCTCSP Academy3/21/2005
Gallegos, PenelopeFullDriving CSP Academy3/21/2005
Garcia, AthenaFullDriving Pueblo PD3/9/2018
Garcia, IvanFullFirearms Alamosa-TSJC9/8/2017
Garcia, JosephFullDriving Pueblo PD12/3/2001
Garcia, JustinFullDriving Golden PD3/11/2022
Gard, KristopherFullFirearms Pikes Peak CC7/8/2022
Gardner, KirkFullFirearms CSP Academy8/14/2015
Garland, MartinFullFirearms Aurora PD5/23/2005
Garland, MartinFullArrest ControlKOGAAurora PD8/2/2005
Gaskill, DavidFullFirearms La Junta PD Reserve11/11/2011
Gaskins, JonFullDriving Adams SO12/1/2017
Gay, RobertFullDriving El Paso County SO3/9/2007
Geerdes, NathanFullDriving Highlands Ranch3/26/2021
Gentry, EricFullDriving CSP9/8/2017
Gentry, GregoryFullDriving Denver PD9/8/2023
Georgescu, BogdanFullFirearms Adams County SO5/21/2010
Gerdeman, JamesFullDriving Adams County SO12/4/2009
Getskow, MarkFullArrest ControlPPCTEl Paso County SO8/14/2007
Geyer, MarkFullArrest ControlFBIWeld County SO5/9/2014
Gibson, JessFullFirearms SCLETA4/21/2006
Gibson, StephenFullArrest ControlLCSOLarimer County SO3/27/2020
Giconi, RichardFullFirearms Pueblo LEA3/26/2021
Gilleland, PaulFullFirearms Trinidad State Junior Clg3/10/2023
Gillette, KennethFullFirearms FRCC7/10/2020
Gilliam, RobertFullDriving Denver PD7/6/2006
Gilmore, ThaneFullFirearms Colorado Springs PD6/14/2019
Gilpin, HurleyFullFirearms El Paso County SO5/12/2017
Gilworth, DonaldFullFirearms Denver PD5/25/2004
Gizzi, LeeFullFirearms Castle Rock PD1/15/2021
Gleason, JamesFullDriving Aurora PD8/2/2005
Gleason, James E.FullArrest ControlKOGAAurora PD6/3/2011
Gleason, James E.FullFirearms Aurora PD4/20/2012
Goecke,JasonFullArrest ControlHFRGOtero Junior College8/12/2022
Gomez, ChristopherFullFirearms Red Rocks / Jeffco2/9/2018
Gomez, RichardFullDriving Jeffco-LPD Combined12/1/2023
Gompert, GregFullArrest ControlFBIJefferson County SO 12/7/2007
Gompert, GregFullArrest ControlJeff-LPDJeffco-LPD Combined1/16/2015
Gonzales, EricFullDriving Pueblo PD2/10/2004
Gonzales, JohnFullFirearms Aurora PD10/28/2022
Gonzales, JohnFullArrest ControlAurora PDAurora PD12/1/2023
Gonzalez, ChristopherFullFirearms El Paso County SO6/20/2008
Gonzalez, JohnFullDriving Aurora PD12/1/2023
Goodloe, PhillipFullArrest ControlEPSOEl Paso County SO6/20/2014
Gottlieb, StevenFullFirearms Delta-Montrose7/20/2007
Gowin, BrianFullDriving Pueblo PD6/2/2022
Grady, TomFullArrest ControlJeff-LPDJeffco-LPD Combined6/8/2012
Graham, SethFullFirearms Larimer County SO7/18/2014
Grandy, TimothyFullArrest ControlFBIPikes Peak CC12/6/2013
Graw, HeathFullFirearms Aurora PD1/26/2007
Graw, HeathFullArrest ControlKOGAAurora PD5/11/2007
Graw, HeathFullDriving Aurora PD6/8/2007
Gray, Jerry L.FullDriving Western Colorado CC6/3/2016
Gray, RobertFullFirearms Colorado Rangers7/12/2019
Graziano, EvangelineFullArrest ControlPPCTNone3/1/2000
Greenberg, FrankFullFirearms Jefferson County SO 7/6/2006
Gregory, PaulFullFirearms Adams County SO12/8/2006
Gregory, PaulFullDriving Adams County SO9/7/2012
Greninger, JasonFullFirearms Colorado State Patrol2/10/2023
Griffith, DonFullDriving Larimer County SO10/2/2001
Grimmett, DougFullArrest Control CSPD11/3/2017
Groller, CarlFullDriving Pueblo PD8/4/2004
Grossman, PaulFullFirearms Red Rocks CC11/13/2015
Grover, BarbaraFullArrest ControlJeff-LPDJeffco-LPD Combined8/22/2014
Grubbs, AngelaFullDriving Delta-Montrose6/12/2015
Grundy, JasonFullFirearms TCR-Delta10/28/2022
Grusing, JonathanFullArrest ControlFBIPueblo PD12/3/2001
Guess, StevenFullFirearms Jeffco-LPD Combined3/11/2016
Haggett, FredFullFirearms Jeffco-LPD Combined3/6/2015
Haines, BruceFullFirearms Denver PD7/15/2011
Hall, Dave K.FullFirearms CSP Academy5/23/2005
Hall, KaraFullFirearms Colorado Mountain College8/20/2021
Haller, ToddFullFirearms Glenwood - CMC9/7/2004
Haller, ToddFullArrest ControlPPCTGlenwood - CMC10/4/2004
Hamblin, LeslieFullArrest ControlFBIJefferson County SO 9/29/2006
Hammon, CodyFullArrest ControlFBIWCPOA12/1/2023
Hampton, Todd KevinFullFirearms Arapahoe CC8/16/2013
Hanna, WesleyFullFirearms Durango - Pueblo CC6/8/2012
Hansen, ShaverFullFirearms WCPOA8/11/2023
Hansen, StevenFullFirearms Trinidad State Junior Clg9/16/2020
Hardesty, StevenFullArrest ControlFBIJefferson County SO 6/8/2007
Harmon, JaredFullArrest ControlEPSOEl Paso County SO3/11/2011
Harper, James D.FullFirearms Pikes Peak CC5/13/2011
Harrington, CharlesFullFirearms El Paso County SO7/30/2004
Harrington, CharlesFullDriving El Paso County SO10/25/2007
Harrington, RogerFullFirearms Pikes Peak CC5/21/2010
Harris, AmandaFullFirearms El Paso County SO6/3/2022
Harris, DeborahFullArrest ControlEPSOEl Paso County SO6/20/2014
Harris, Michael (Piney)FullDriving CSP Academy9/20/2006
Harrold, BrandtFullFirearms Aurora PD11/13/2009
Harrold, Jana M.FullArrest ControlKOGAAurora PD3/9/2012
Harrold, Jana M. FullDriving Aurora PD6/13/2014
Hart, JamesFullArrest ControlACSOArchuleta County SO3/11/2022
Harvell, CassidyFullFirearms Colorado Springs PD1/10/2020
Hasebroock, ShaneFullDriving Fort Collins Police Services6/6/2019
Haskell,ShelbyFullArrest ControlDPDDenver PD1/20/2023
Hatfield, Dana W.FullDriving Aurora PD12/4/2009
Hawk, RicFullFirearms Delta-Montrose2/1/2005
Hebert, LucasFullArrest ControlCSPCSP Academy12/11/2020
Heckel, ClintFullArrest ControlEPSOEl Paso County SO5/22/2017
Hecker, MarkFullFirearms Larimer County SO11/18/2016
Heffner, PatFullArrest ControlJeff-LPDJeffco-LPD Combined6/8/2012
Hefty, NathanFullArrest ControlCSPDColorado Springs PD4/22/2022
Hefty, NathanFullDriving Colorado Springs PD6/6/2023
Hefty, RichardFullDriving Aurora PD6/2/2022
Hefty, RichardFullFirearms Aurora PD6/2/2022
Hefty, RichardFullArrest ControlAurora PDAurora PD6/3/2022
Heidinger, MichaelFullArrest ControlFBIHighlands Ranch5/8/2015
Heiter, ShaneFullDriving Adams County SO9/7/2012
Heivilin, Myles A.FullFirearms Red Rocks CC9/2/2004
Heller, DerrickFullDriving CSP Academy10/12/2022
Hengst, EarnestFullFirearms Colorado Springs PD12/18/2020
Henslee, ShawnFullFirearms Golden PD2/14/2020
Hernandez, SergioFullArrest Control Jefferson County SO9/24/2021
Herndon, KarlFullArrest ControlPPCTEl Paso County SO5/11/2007
Herndon, KarlFullArrest ControlEPSOEl Paso County SO3/6/2009
Hess, JasonFullFirearms El Paso County SO4/13/2007
Heuerman, DonaldFullArrest ControlKOGALarimer County SO12/3/2001
Heyneman, GrantFullArrest ControlKOGAAurora PD12/14/2015
Higgins, Christopher JohnFullDriving Otero Junior College6/3/2016
Hightshoe, TimothyFullFirearms El Paso County SO6/20/2008
Hill, Elvin TodFullFirearms Colorado Springs PD2/1/2005
Hindman, TimFullDriving Lakewood PD3/7/2008
Hines, CharlesFullDriving Colorado State Patrol6/2/2022
Hinton, TylerFullDriving Western Colorado CC9/5/2018
Hnat, EricFullFirearms Denver PD10/15/2021
Hoffman, DarylFullFirearms Jefferson County SO 12/7/2004
Holley, MarkFullFirearms Jefferson County SO 9/2/2004
Holmen, ScottFullFirearms Weld County SO1/10/2014
Hood, JohnFullFirearms Red Rocks CC5/17/2005
Hopkins, JeffreyFullArrest ControlEPSOEl Paso County SO11/11/2011
Horwitz, AaronFullArrest ControlLCSOLarimer County SO3/1/2013
Hovanec, RussellFullFirearms El Paso County SO7/18/2014
Huber, JasonFullFirearms Denver PD10/6/2023
Huddleson, ReneeFullArrest ControlFBIPueblo PD12/7/2007
Huele, BenjaminFullFirearms Colorado Springs PD6/14/2019
Hughbanks, ShaneFullArrest ControlPPCTPueblo CC5/17/2002
Hughes, ScottFullFirearms Police Corps2/13/2004
Huling, LoganFullArrest ControlJeff-LPDJeffco-LPD Combined9/12/2014
Huling, SarahFullArrest ControlJeff-LPDJeffco-LPD Combined9/12/2014
Hunt, JasonFullArrest ControlKOGALarimer County SO12/3/2001
Huston, DaleFullFirearms Colorado Springs PD3/21/2005
Hwang, NancyFullDriving Colorado Springs PD12/1/2023
Ingalsbe, EricFullArrest ControlFBIColorado Springs PD11/21/2014
Ives, SeanFullFirearms El Paso County SO7/18/2014
Jackson, C. (Terry)FullFirearms Jefferson County SO 10/4/2004
Jackson, DennisFullFirearms Jeffco-LPD Combined3/24/2017
Jackson, KevinFullArrest ControlDPDDenver PD2/20/2006
Jackson, KevinFullDriving Denver PD9/20/2006
Jackson, MarkFullFirearms La Junta PD Reserve11/11/2011
James, AndrewFullArrest ControlPPCTColorado Springs PD9/18/2000
Jaramillo, StevenFullDriving Weld County SO9/18/2020
Jensen, Joshua D.FullDriving Aurora PD12/4/2009
Jerome, JesseFullDriving Aurora PD9/9/2022
Jesik, StephenFullFirearms Pueblo PD9/23/2011
Johnson, James (J.D.)FullFirearms Jefferson County SO 7/6/2006
Johnson, KariFullDriving Denver PD9/20/2006
Johnston, CharlesFullArrest Control Highlands Ranch3/26/2021
Johnston, CharlesFullArrest ControlAurora PDAurora PD4/22/2022
Jones, AdamFullArrest ControlPPCTAdams County SO3/11/2016
Jones, CourtneyFullArrest ControlFBIWestern Colorado LEA - Montrose4/22/2022
Jones, DoyleFullDriving Weld County SO4/16/2002
Jones, DoyleFullFirearms Weld County SO6/8/2007
Jones, TravisFullFirearms Weld County SO1/14/2022
Jorstad, NathanFullFirearms  Colorado Springs PD10/28/2022
Joselyn, SeanFullFirearms Jeffco-LPD Combined3/6/2015
Joslin, DavidFullDriving Jefferson County SO3/27/2020
Juhl, DennisFullFirearms Pikes Peak CC9/30/2005
Juliano, MarcusFullFirearms Pueblo PD1/10/2020
Junko, ErikFullFirearms Pueblo PD12/1/2017
Juul, ChristopherFullFirearms Aurora PD7/20/2007
Juul, ChristopherFullArrest ControlKOGAAurora PD3/7/2008
Kafel, EdwardFullFirearms El Paso County SO6/5/2003
Kafel, EdwardFullArrest ControlPPCTEl Paso County SO12/9/2005
Kaminky, Robert FFullDriving CSP Academy3/21/2005
Kaneta, SamFullFirearms Weld County SO1/10/2014
Karasek, MichaelFullFirearms Adams County SO6/3/2016
Kavanaugh, LarryFullFirearms Adams County SO12/2/2022
Keenan, Thomas W.FullFirearms Larimer County SO8/2/2005
Kelly, WilliamFullFirearms El Paso County SO10/1/2004
Kelsay, DougFullDriving Adams County SO3/24/2017
Kennedy, JoshuaFullArrest ControlPPCTAdams County SO3/11/2016
Kennedy, JoshuaFullDriving Adams County SO5/29/2020
Kenney, KelbyFullArrest ControlPPCTRangely - CNCC10/30/2001
Keown, JustinFullFirearms Colorado Springs PD4/22/2022
Keown, JustinFullArrest ControlFBIColorado Springs PD9/23/2022
Keown, JustinFullDriving Colorado Springs PD6/6/2023
Keyes, JeniferFullArrest ControlFBIWCPOA7/22/2022
Kiesow, RickFullArrest ControlFBIDouglas County SO3/21/2005
Kilgore, DoyleFullFirearms Pikes Peak CC1/10/2020
Kimmey, KevinFullArrest ControlJeff-LPDJeffco-LPD Combined6/8/2012
Kindall, RexFullFirearms Buena Vista - CMC9/27/2006
King, BrandonFullFirearms Montrose PD7/10/2020
Kirkland, BillFullArrest ControlFBIColorado Mountain College9/24/2021
Kirkland, GregFullDriving SCLETA1/31/2005
Kirkland, TyerekFullFirearms Western Colorado Peace Officers Academy 2/11/2022
Kirkland, Tyerek SFullArrest ControlPPCTOtero Junior College3/24/2017
Kitzmiller, ThomasFullFirearms CSP Academy11/6/2002
Kleiber, DavidFullFirearms Steamboat - CMC4/9/2002
Kline, DouglasFullDriving CSP Academy8/27/2009
Kluck, JosephFullDriving El Paso County SO10/1/2004
Klukas, CraigFullArrest ControlDPDDenver PD9/20/2013
Klukas, CraigFullDriving Denver PD9/18/2015
Klukas, CraigFullFirearms Denver PD12/14/2015
Knight, SonjaFullDriving Jeffco-LPD Combined6/8/2012
Knolmayer, MarkFullDriving Pikes Peak CC6/13/2014
Knopinski, EricFullFirearms Jefferson County SO 9/29/2006
Knox, DougFullFirearms Aurora PD5/17/2005
Knudson, MikeFullFirearms Front Range CC1/11/2019
Koester, AnitaFullFirearms Jeffco-LPD Combined5/18/2012
Kolin, ChrisFull Firearms Red Rocks CC9/28/2012
Kondos, AlexanderFullFirearms Adams County SO1/13/2012
Kondos, AlexanderFullArrest ControlPPCTAdams County SO3/9/2012
Kornhauser, CharlesFullDriving CSP Academy12/2/2011
Kornhauser, CharlesFullArrest ControlCSPCSP Academy3/9/2012
Koski, KennethFullDriving Adams County SO3/26/2021
Koski, RobFullArrest ControlOSSPikes Peak CC12/19/2003
Koster, David MatthewFullFirearms CSP Academy7/19/2013
Kotz, TomFullFirearms CMC Breckenridge8/11/2023
Kotz, TomFullDriving CMC Breckenridge9/8/2023
Kraemer, DonnFullFirearms Lakewood PD5/17/2005
Kramer, FrankFullArrest ControlFBIDelta-Montrose6/20/2014
Krantz, RichardFullFirearms CSP Academy4/17/2015
Kroncher, AlexFullFirearms Delta-Montrose12/5/2008
Kroncher, AlexFullDriving Delta-Montrose6/3/2011
Krouse, DaveFullFirearms Western Colorado CC7/16/2010
Krouse, DaveFullDriving Western Colorado CC9/27/2010
Kundred, EricFullDriving JeffCo/Lakewood Combined 3/16/2023
Kunkler, CharlesFullFirearms El Paso County SO6/20/2008
Kurian, KimberlyFullFirearms Aurora PD1/26/2007
Kurian, KimberlyFullDriving Aurora PD8/3/2007
Kurzenberger, MarikaFullFirearms SCLETA4/21/2006
LaBrecque, CathyFullFirearms El Paso County SO4/13/2007
LaKomy, James M. FullDriving Highlands Ranch6/12/2015
Lamb, ThomasFullFirearms Weld County SO1/14/2022
Lamphere, JoshuaFullArrest ControlFBIWCPOA12/1/2023
Lancendorfer, RichardFullFirearms Pueblo PD2/10/2004
Lang, JasonFullDriving Fort Collins Police Services6/2/2022
Lang, MichaelFullFirearms Colorado Rangers6/4/2021
Langford, MarkFullFirearms Glenwood - CMC5/20/2002
Larsen, EdFullArrest ControlPPCTEl Paso County SO9/30/2005
Larsen, StephenFullri Aurora PD5/28/2014
Larsen, Stephen W. FullArrest ControlKOGAAurora PD6/3/2011
Larsen, Stephen W. FullFirearms Aurora PD5/10/2012
Lase, RonFullFirearms Adams County SO12/8/2006
Lash, Reedy L. FullFirearms Adams County SO8/21/2009
LaVelle, DerekFullFirearms Arapahoe CC4/18/2014
Lawrence, PeteFullArrest ControlPPCTCSP Academy1/11/2008
Lawrence, PeterFullFirearms CSP Academy1/18/2008
Lazoff, LanceFullFirearms Colorado Springs PD9/14/2018
Leffler, BrendaFullArrest ControlPPCTCSP Academy4/16/2001
Leider, Beck E.FullArrest ControlJeff-LPDJeffco-LPD Combined3/1/2013
Lemcke, MichaelFullArrest Control Adams SO1/12/2018
Lemley, MontyFullFirearms Weld County SO4/16/2002
Lemoine, JosephFullDriving Western Colorado CC6/4/2021
LeRay, GeraldFullDriving Pueblo PD3/12/2010
Liley, MichaelFullFirearms Aurora PD1/26/2007
Lillie, ScottFullDriving Highlands Ranch12/21/2004
Lindsey, DarinFullFirearms Denver PD10/18/2013
Lippa,BrianFullArrest ControlHRLETAHighlands Ranch11/3/2023
Liska, ScottFullDriving CSP Academy6/2/2017
Litzau, TimFullDriving Grand Junction PD9/18/2020
Lock, LonnieFullDriving Jefferson County SO 7/6/2006
Lock, LonnieFullFirearms Jefferson County SO 7/6/2006
Lockhart, MikeFullDriving Colorado Springs PD12/6/2019
Lockwood, GrantFullFirearms El Paso County SO4/18/2014
Lofland, Shannon (Susi)FullDriving Highlands Ranch6/13/2014
Long, BeverlyFullDriving El Paso County SO6/8/2012
Long, BeverlyFullFirearms El Paso County SO11/16/2012
Lopez, EdwardFullArrest ControlKOGAAurora PD6/14/2013
Lopez, JayFullFirearms Jefferson County SO 12/21/2004
Lorenzen, JustinFullFirearms FRCC7/10/2020
Lorimor, DonaldFullFirearms El Paso County SO1/26/2007
Lucas, JamesFullDriving Jefferson County SO 1/31/2005
Luce, JasonFullArrest ControlPPCTEl Paso County SO3/3/2005
Luce, JasonFullArrest ControlEPSOEl Paso County SO12/5/2008
Lucky, DaleFullFirearms Colorado Springs PD6/2/2017
Lundin, AndrewFullFirearms Highlands Ranch4/21/2006
Lundin, AndyFullArrest ControlFBIHighlands Ranch9/30/2005
Lundstedt, DouglasFullFirearms El Paso County SO6/20/2008
Lyons, JamesFullDriving El Paso County SO10/1/2004
Macomber, BryceFullDriving Colorado Springs PD10/26/2017
Macomber, BryceFullFirearms Colorado Springs PD1/10/2020
Macomber, Bryce DFullArrest ControlFBIColorado Springs PD3/24/2017
Maes, JosephFullDriving CMC Glenwood9/18/2020
Maes, JosephFullArrest ControlFBICMC Glenwood9/23/2022
Maestas, GaryFullArrest ControlPPCTDurango - Pueblo CC11/6/2015
Maestas, GaryFullFirearms Durango - Pueblo CC11/13/2015
Magnuson, RickFullDriving Glenwood - CMC9/16/2016
Maguire, JoeFullArrest ControlFBIJefferson County SO 7/28/2006
Mahan, JamesFullFirearms El Paso County SO7/18/2014
Maher, T. JamesFullFirearms Denver PD7/15/2011
Mahon, ShawnFullArrest ControlFBIColorado Springs PD8/2/2013
Mahr, ToniFullDriving Denver PD9/8/2017
Maines, JasonFullFirearms Lakewood PD10/18/2013
Mair, JamesFullDriving Denver PD9/20/2006
Maize, JeffFullFirearms Pueblo PD6/12/2015
Major, RobertFullDriving Lakewood PD5/24/2004
Makloski, BrianFullArrest ControlPPCTArapahoe CC3/11/2016
Malchow, PaulFullFirearms Colorado Springs PD12/7/2012
Malchow, PaulFullDriving Colorado Springs PD6/14/2013
Maldonodo, GabrielFullArrest Control Pueblo PD2/9/2018
Malovich, KevinFullFirearms Weld County SO2/13/2015
Malovich, KevinFullArrest ControlFBIWeld County SO3/6/2015
Maluia, VaaleleFullFirearms Pikes Peak CC1/10/2020
Mander, MatthewFullFirearms Highlands Ranch8/20/2021
Manzanilla, DavidFullDriving El Paso County SO6/6/2023
Maple, RobertFullFirearms Adams County SO9/28/2012
Marinaro, TerryFullFirearms Jefferson County SO 7/6/2006
Mark, DanFullDriving Aurora PD10/4/2004
Marks, JoshuaFullFirearms Pikes Peak CC7/8/2022
Marsh, DanielFullArrest ControlDPDDenver PD6/4/2021
Marsh, DanielFullDriving Denver PD12/21/2022
Martin, LoganFullArrest ControlFBIWCPOA4/22/2022
Martin, TylerFullFirearms Jeffco-LPD Combined1/13/2023
Martinez, AndrewFullArrest ControlHFRGAdams County SO4/22/2022
Martinez, AndrewFullDriving Adams County SO9/9/2022
Martinez, AngeloFullFirearms Southwestern CC - Mancos11/3/2023
Martinez, BenitoFullArrest ControlPPCTPueblo CC5/11/2018
Martinez, Christopher E.FullArrest ControlPPCTAdams County SO3/9/2012
Martinez, JamesFullArrest ControlACSOArchuleta County SO3/11/2022
Martinez, JasonFullFirearms Denver PD1/15/2016
Massmann, RyanFullDriving Pueblo PD3/27/2020
Mathena, KeithFullDriving Highlands Ranch3/26/2021
Matsko, JohnFullFirearms El Paso County SO2/9/2004
Mattson, BrianFullDriving El Paso County SO10/1/2004
Maurer, DarrenFullDriving Jeffco-LPD Combined6/8/2012
McBride, EmilyFullDriving Colorado Springs PD9/9/2022
McCandless, LarryFullFirearms Denver PD8/27/2010
McCauley, AnthonyFullDriving Arapahoe County SO6/5/2009
McCloskey, JamesFullFirearms Alamosa - SCLETA12/9/2005
McCormack, OwenFullFirearms El Paso County SO8/15/2014
McCormick, AndrewFullDriving Adams County SO12/1/2023
McDermith, MontyFullFirearms Delta-Montrose6/3/2016
McDonald, PatrickFullArrest ControlPPCTJefferson County SO 8/14/2007
McDonald-Quintana, K.FullFirearms Arapahoe CC5/17/2005
McGinty, DevinFullDriving Denver PD9/20/2013
McGinty, DevinFullFirearms Denver PD2/13/2015
McGinty, Devin P. FullArrest ControlDPDDenver PD8/22/2014
McKeon, JakeFullArrest ControlJeff-LPDJefferson County SO6/4/2021
McKiernan, BradFullFirearms Denver PD5/3/2004
McKinney, MichaelFullFirearms Adams County SO2/19/2010
McMurtry, RobertFullArrest ControlPPCTAdams County SO3/9/2012
McNabb, KyleFullFirearms Denver PD3/10/2023
Meadows, JeffFullDriving Weld SO6/1/2018
Meaney, PhillipFullArrest ControlPPCTAdams County SO3/11/2016
Means, AndrewFullArrest ControlFBIWCPOA4/22/2022
Means, BrandonFullDriving CSP Academy8/27/2009
Means, BrandonFullArrest ControlCSPCSP Academy3/9/2012
Medina, JoseFullDriving Pueblo PD12/1/2017
Meeks, ClydeFullArrest ControlKOGALarimer County SO5/29/2002
Meeks, ClydeFullArrest ControlLCSOLarimer County SO2/20/2006
Merrill, TimothyFullArrest ControlKOGAAurora PD9/14/2018
Merrion, MattFullDriving Denver PD9/2/2011
Meyers, DevonFullArrest ControlJeff-LPDJeffco-LPD Combined3/27/2020
Mihalko, MitchFullArrest ControlEPSOEl Paso County SO4/22/2011
Miller, RodneyFullFirearms Weld County SO4/13/2018
Miller, RodneyFullArrest Control Weld County SO5/9/2019
Minor, JohnFullDriving None3/21/2005
Mistretta, WilliamFullDriving El Paso County SO10/1/2004
Mitchell, AmyFullFirearms Buena Vista - CMC6/5/2003
Mizanin, MarcusFullDriving Jeffco-LPD Combined12/16/2016
Mobley, ShawnFullFirearms La Junta PD Reserve5/17/2013
Moll, Bobby J.FullFirearms Larimer County SO5/18/2007
Moncivais-Pinedo, IdilioFullFirearms Colorado Rangers9/24/2021
Monckton, MichaelFullFirearms Colorado State Patrol12/3/2021
Montez, MarcoFullArrest ControlFBIWestern Colorado CC12/3/2010
Montez, MarcoFullFirearms Western Colorado CC3/11/2016
Montgomery, DarneshaFullArrest Control Aurora PD12/1/2017
Montgomery, DarneshaFullDriving Aurora PD12/7/2018
Moody, Todd A. FullFirearms Larimer County SO7/19/2013
Moody, TravisFullDriving Aurora PD9/24/2021
Moody, TravisFullFirearms Aurora PD10/15/2021
Moody, TravisFullArrest ControlAurora PDAurora PD6/3/2022
Moore, GabrielFullFirearms Adams County SO7/17/2015
Moore, JasonFullDriving Jeffco-LPD Combined9/12/2014
Moore, JasonFullArrest ControlDenverDenver PD12/3/2021
Moore, JohnFullFirearms Jeffco-LPD Combined5/18/2012
Mora, KathrynFullDriving Pueblo CC9/18/2015
Morgan, JeffreyFullFirearms Denver PD7/15/2011
Morrison, RyanFullFirearms WCPOA7/7/2023
Morton, DuaneFullFirearms Delta-Montrose12/5/2008
Mott, ChristopherFullArrest ControlPPCTEl Paso County SO3/7/2008
Mott, ChristopherFullArrest ControlEPSOEl Paso County SO3/6/2009
Mundt, TravisFullArrest Control EPSO9/8/2017
Muoio, MichaelFullArrest ControlPPCTEl Paso County SO5/28/2004
Muturi, NatashaFullDriving Aurora PD6/2/2022
Myers, ChadFullDriving Pueblo CC3/24/2017
Mynatt, PaulFullArrest ControlEPSOEl Paso County SO11/11/2011
Nagel, RobertFullFirearms Lakewood PD11/1/2001
Nason, DanielFullFirearms El Paso County SO2/9/2004
Nay, Kevin W.FullFirearms Larimer County SO9/30/2005
Neece, RyanFullArrest ControlFBIPueblo PD11/4/2022
Nelson, CraigFullFirearms Jeffco-LPD Combined3/6/2015
Neumann, JohnFullFirearms EPSO2/9/2018
Newcomer, MatthewFullArrest ControlPPCTAdams County SO3/9/2012
Newman,ChrisFullArrest ControlPPCTOtero Junior College11/3/2023
Newton, Jack D. FullFirearms Larimer County SO7/17/2009
Nicholson, HolcombFullDriving Weld County SO9/18/2020
Nimrod, HarryFullDriving Adams County SO12/8/2006
Noe, J. DavidFullFirearms Larimer County SO8/27/2010
Nordby, ChristopherFullDriving Highlands Ranch3/26/2021
Norton, EricaFullArrest ControlFBIPueblo PD3/10/2023
Norton, SteveFullArrest ControlKogaCC Aurora3/6/2015
Novak, Matthew E.FullFirearms Aurora PD4/20/2012
Novak, Matthew E. FullDriving Aurora PD12/4/2009
Novak, Matthew E. FullArrest ControlKOGAAurora PD6/11/2010
Oberg, PhilipFullFirearms Weld County SO12/3/2021
Obrecht, Walter L.FullFirearms Aurora PD8/17/2007
O'Brien, DanielFullDriving Colorado State Patrol12/2/2022
O'Driscoll, DarrenFullDriving El Paso County SO12/3/2010
Okada, RancefordFullFirearms Jefferson County SO 12/21/2004
Oppie, SaraFullArrest ControlLCSOLarimer County SO3/10/2023
Ortega, Tommy RayFullFirearms Alamosa - SCLETA3/6/2009
Ortiz, Marcellino J.FullArrest ControlPPCTAdams County SO3/11/2016
Oschmann, FrankFullFirearms Red Rocks CC12/18/2002
Osckel,PaulFullArrest ControlJeff-LPDJeffco-LPD Combined11/3/2023
Osgood, ScottFullFirearms Aurora PD4/18/2008
Osgood, ScottFullArrest ControlKOGAAurora PD6/20/2008
Oulliber, SteveFullFirearms Aurora PD6/20/2008
Owen, ShaneFullFirearms Colorado Springs PD12/18/2020
Pabst, RobertFullFirearms CO Mounted Rangers4/13/2018
Pabst, RobertFullFirearms Colorado Rangers4/13/2018
Paddack, StevenFullArrest ControlEPSOEl Paso County SO11/11/2011
Padgett, KennethFullFirearms Denver PD4/18/2014
Padilla, AlFullDriving Lakewood PD12/21/2004
Padilla, PaulFullDriving Pueblo LEA3/10/2023
Palacios, MichaelFullDriving Otero Junior College9/24/2021
Palmer, TimothyFullFirearms Larimer County SO5/17/2005
Parks, RobertFullFirearms Denver PD12/2/2022
Parriott, RyanFullArrest Control El Paso County SO3/26/2021
Parsons, BentleyFullDriving Pueblo CC6/1/2018
Patton, JonathanFullFirearms Weld County SO9/3/2020
Pavletic, RobertFullArrest ControlKOGAAurora PD12/14/2015
Pavletic, RobertFullDriving Aurora PD3/11/2016
Paxton, DeanFullDriving CSP Academy3/21/2005
Peale, LairdFullFirearms Western Colorado CC9/12/2014
Pedraza, ManuelFullArrest Control Pueblo PD2/9/2018
Pennay, JamieFullFirearms WCPOA1/13/2023
Perez, RicardoFullArrest ControlPPCTPueblo CC5/12/2017
Perry, RobertFullArrest ControlPPCTEl Paso County SO10/1/2004
Perry, RobertFullArrest ControlEPSOEl Paso County SO3/6/2009
Peterson, DaleFullFirearms Colorado Springs PD6/2/2017
Peterson, DonFullDriving Larimer County SO3/31/2003
Peterson, LarryFullArrest ControlFBIDouglas County SO12/18/2003
Peterson, MichaelFullDriving Pikes Peak CC3/11/2011
Peterson, ThomasFullFirearms Pikes Peak CC12/8/2006
Petitto, SamFullFirearms Southwestern CC - Mancos4/12/2019
Petrucelli, JasonFullFirearms Aurora PD10/16/2009
Petterson, IsaacFullArrest ControlPPCTEl Paso County SO12/7/2007
Petterson, IsaacFullArrest ControlEPSOEl Paso County SO12/5/2008
Petterson, IsaacFullFirearms El Paso County SO8/17/2012
Petzl, JuergenFullDriving Colorado Springs PD10/26/2017
Pfannkuch, KimberlyFullDriving Denver PD2/3/2005
Phillips, MatthewFullDriving Adams County SO12/8/2006
Phillips, TimFullDriving Adams County SO12/8/2006
Pinkerton, KyleFullFirearms Adams County SO9/16/2016
Poole, BretFullDriving Colorado Springs PD8/1/2001
Porter, GeraldFullFirearms Weld County SO1/22/2010
Preedy, JustinFullFirearms Pueblo PD8/11/2023
Price, BobbyFullFirearms El Paso County SO9/30/2005
Pruce, NathanFullFirearms Pueblo PD2/14/2014
Pucci, PaulFullFirearms Colorado Rangers3/9/2018
Pyle, JeffFullFirearms FRCC5/11/2018
Qualley, BradFullDriving Denver PD3/7/2008
Queisner, JamesFullFirearms Aurora PD10/15/2021
Quick, ToddFullFirearms Otero Junior College10/26/2007
Quintana, JamesFullDriving Pueblo PD9/8/2023
Rabideau, CharlesFullFirearms Colorado Springs PD1/10/2020
Rabideau, CharlesFullDriving Colorado Springs PD12/1/2023
Rabson, RobertFullArrest Control Front Range CC9/18/2020
Radke, SeanFullDriving Jeffco-LPD Combined6/8/2012
Raffety, TimFullFirearms El Paso County SO9/2/2004
Ragulsky, GeneFullFirearms Pueblo CC5/17/2002
Railsback, TimothyFullArrest ControlKOGAAurora PD6/2/2017
Railsback, TimothyFullDriving Aurora PD10/26/2017
Ramirez, James A.FullFirearms Larimer County SO7/17/2009
Ramirez, JoeFullFirearms Denver PD4/13/2018
Ramirez, JoeFullFirearms Denver PD4/13/2018
Ramos, JuanFullFirearms Colorado Springs PD5/18/2007
Rathburn, RobertFullDriving Denver PD12/9/2005
Ray, BradlyFullDriving Southwestern CC - Mancos12/1/2023
Ray, JohnFullArrest ControlCSPCSP Academy1/5/2016
Ray, William L. FullArrest ControlFBIPikes Peak CC5/9/2014
Reigenborn, RichardFullArrest ControlPPCTAdams County SO5/11/2007
Reyes, RichardFullFirearms Pueblo PD6/12/2015
Reyes, RichardFullArrest ControlFBIPueblo PD1/13/2017
Rice, RyanFullFirearms Colorado Mountain College8/20/2021
Richardson, JoeFullFirearms Colorado Springs PD12/7/2012
Richens, JackFullDriving Rangely - CNCC2/2/2005
Richmond, Andrew P. FullArrest ControlDPDDenver PD8/22/2014
Richmond, Andrew P. FullDriving Denver PD11/21/2014
Richmond, Andrew P. FullFirearms Denver PD2/13/2015
Riley, JustinFullFirearms Weld County SO12/3/2021
Ripsam, CarrieFullDriving Fort Collins Police Services3/11/2022
Ritz, Brian S.FullFirearms Colorado Springs PD6/5/2003
Rivera, DorisFullArrest ControlPPCTEl Paso County SO3/7/2008
Rix, ThomasFullDriving Western Colorado CC6/20/2008
Roberts, DonaldFullDriving NE Regional2/10/2003
Roberts, JonathanFullDriving Western Colorado CC12/11/2020
Roberts, MatthewFullFirearms FRCC5/29/2020
Roberts, RichardFullFirearms Denver PD9/30/2005
Robinson, Anne M.FullArrest ControlPPCTCSP Academy12/18/2002
Robles, LisaFullDriving El Paso County SO7/28/2003
Rodgers, John J. FullFirearms El Paso County SO1/13/2012
Rodriguez, NickFullDriving HRLETF3/9/2018
Roe, ThomasFullArrest ControlFBI/PPCTPikes Peak CC6/8/2007
Rogers, JeffFullDriving Lakewood PD5/24/2004
Roman, DamonFullArrest ControlDPDDenver PD4/22/2022
Romero, RichardFullDriving Otero Junior College9/27/2010
Ronk, ToddFullArrest ControlPPCTEl Paso County SO5/28/2004
Ronk, ToddFullArrest ControlEPSOEl Paso County SO3/6/2009
Roos, RobertFullFirearms CSP Academy12/20/2004
Roos, RobertFullDriving CSP Academy6/8/2007
Ross, BradleyFullDriving Pueblo CC3/24/2017
Ross, John D. FullFirearms El Paso County SO5/13/2016
Rosten, JerodFullFirearms Front Range CC6/14/2019
Roth, SamuelFullFirearms Larimer County SO11/8/2019
Rumbaugh, BrianFullArrest Control Western Colorado LEA - Montrose3/26/2021
Runge, KrisFullFirearms Weld County SO7/17/2015
Ryan, ShannonFullArrest ControlHFRGAdams County SO4/22/2022
Rybkowski, MarekFullFirearms Denver PD5/17/2005
Ryland, NicholasFullDriving Colorado Springs PD10/26/2017
Ryland, NicholasFullFirearms Colorado Springs PD1/10/2020
Safe, DavidFullFirearms Jefferson County SO 3/31/2003
Sala, SamFullDriving Highlands Ranch3/26/2021
Salazar, GretaFullArrest ControlAurora PDAurora PD4/22/2022
Salazar, GretaFullDriving Aurora PD6/2/2022
Salazar, GretaFullFirearms Aurora PD10/28/2022
Samador, RyanFullDriving Arapahoe County SO3/27/2020
Samek, SteveFullFirearms Pueblo PD11/1/2001
Sampsel, DavidFullFirearms EPSO2/9/2018
Sampsel, JohnFullFirearms El Paso County SO2/9/2004
Sanchez, GilbertFullArrest ControlPPCTSCLETA10/4/2004
Sanders, DanielFullArrest ControlFBIDelta-Montrose12/3/2010
Sanders, DanielFullArrest Control TCR-Delta9/8/2017
Sanders, DanielFullDriving TCR-Delta12/7/2018
Sandoval, MarkFullFirearms Colorado Springs PD11/13/2009
Sands, Corey AllenFullFirearms Denver PD3/7/2014
Santistevan, AbelFullDriving Pueblo PD12/3/2001
Santos, DavidFullArrest ControlPPCTCSP Academy4/16/2001
Santos, IsidroFullFirearms Colorado Springs PD2/1/2005
Schaaf, MelvinFullFirearms Durango - Pueblo CC7/16/2000
Schafer, CoryFullFirearms El Paso County SO11/13/2015
Schafer, CoryFullDriving El Paso County SO6/3/2016
Schaffer, GlennFullArrest ControlPPCTBuena Vista - CMC1/23/2002
Scherr, EricFullFirearms Aurora PD10/26/2007
Scherr, Eric J. FullArrest ControlKOGAAurora PD6/3/2011
Schilling, DanielFullArrest ControlPPCTEl Paso County SO3/9/2007
Schneider, RogerFull Driving Pueblo PD12/11/2020
Schoepflin, JimFullDriving Jefferson County SO 6/11/2010
Schroder, SataciaFullArrest Control EPSO9/8/2017
Schueller, JoeFullFirearms Otero Junior College12/2/2011
Schuett, KendrickFullFirearms Weld County SO1/10/2014
Schuppan, BradFullFirearms SCLETA12/19/2002
Schuyler, EricFullFirearms Pikes Peak CC12/8/2006
Schwartz, TimFullFirearms Weld County SO5/18/2007
Sconce, DavidFullDriving Denver PD2/3/2005
Seago, GinaFullDriving Colorado Springs PD3/26/2021
Searcy, CharlesFullArrest ControlFBIDelta-Montrose5/10/2013
Selgren, PhilipFullFirearms Front Range CC12/3/2021
Selvidge, JeremyFullFirearms Adams County SO4/22/2022
Sensano, MikeFullFirearms Jefferson County SO 5/18/2007
Severson, RyanFullFirearms Pueblo PD2/10/2023
Shay, MatthewFullFirearms Lakewood PD1/18/2008
Sheedy, AaronFullFirearms Western Colorado LEA - Montrose12/2/2022
Sheehan, KellyFullFirearms Red Rocks CC9/8/2023
Sheil, PatrickFullDriving Highlands Ranch3/26/2021
Shelhamer, KyleFullFirearms El Paso County SO5/12/2017
Sherman, KennyFullArrest ControlPPCTAdams County SO12/7/2007
Siderfin, DavidFull Firearms Highlands Ranch5/12/2023
Silverstein, MarkFullDriving El Paso County SO6/8/2007
Simonich, RobertFullFirearms Highlands Ranch12/9/2005
Simpson, VanessaFullDriving Pueblo LEA3/10/2023
Sims, MatthewFullFirearms Pikes Peak CC3/11/2022
Sincerbox, MichaelFullFirearms Pueblo PD12/1/2017
Singels, MichaelFullDriving Colorado Springs PD12/4/2009
Singels, MichaelFullFirearms Colorado Springs PD12/7/2012
Six, JakeFullDriving Otero12/1/2017
Skowronski, MatthewFullFirearms Adams County SO4/13/2018
Slade, RussellFullArrest ControlFBIHighlands Ranch3/11/2016
Smalley, KarlFullDriving Adams County SO5/23/2005
Smalley, KarlFullArrest ControlPPCTAdams County SO7/28/2006
Smalley, KarlFullFirearms Adams County SO12/8/2006
Smalley, TraceyFullDriving Western Colorado CC5/23/2005
Smischny, MatthewFullDriving Arapahoe County SO6/5/2009
Smith(Goodman) HeatherFullArrest ControlFBIPueblo PD2/7/2014
Smith, HeatherFullDriving Pueblo PD12/16/2016
Smith, JakeFullFirearms El Paso County SO4/22/2022
Smith, James R. FullFirearms Denver PD9/12/2014
Smith, JonathanFullDriving CSP Academy5/29/2020
Smith, MatthewFullFirearms Western Colorado CC1/22/2010
Smith, Nathan (Nate)FullFirearms Adams County SO2/14/2014
Smith, RobertFullFirearms Denver PD9/9/2022
Smoker, PaulFullDriving Jefferson County SO 7/6/2006
Smolinski, AndrewFullArrest ControlPPCTAdams County SO3/11/2016
Smyth, KevinFullArrest ControlKOGAAurora PD5/10/2013
Smyth, KevinFullFirearms Aurora PD7/17/2015
Smyth, KevinFullDriving Aurora PD9/18/2015
Snelling, DaveFullArrest ControlPPCTRed Rocks CC2/20/2006
Snider, JohnFullFirearms Colorado Rangers6/4/2021
Snook, MichaelFullDriving Adams County SO6/2/2017
Snow, JayFullDriving Otero College9/9/2022
Snuggs, Shannon (Kelt)FullDriving Colorado Springs PD6/5/2009
Snuggs, Shannon (Kelt)FullFirearms Colorado Springs PD12/7/2012
Sobieralski, JohnFullFirearms Buena Vista - CMC1/23/2002
Somersalmi, MarkoFullFirearms Colorado Springs PD12/7/2018
Sory, JohnFullArrest ControlPPCTEl Paso County SO12/16/2004
Sory, JohnFullArrest ControlEPSOEl Paso County SO3/6/2009
Southard, ScottFullFirearms EPSO5/11/2018
Southern, PaulFullFirearms TCR-Delta10/15/2021
Span, TonyFullFirearms Aurora PD10/15/2021
Sparks, PeteFullFirearms Colorado Springs PD9/14/2018
Sparks, PeteFullArrest ControlFBIColorado Springs PD9/20/2019
Spiker, Roy AllenFullFirearms Delta-Montrose8/2/2005
Spitzer, TarlFullFirearms Red Rocks CC8/14/2015
Spoutz, StephenFullArrest ControlJeff-LPDJeffco-LPD Combined2/7/2014
Squires, WilliamFullDriving Alamosa PD9/18/2020
Staatz, RickyFullDriving El Paso County SO12/3/2010
Stassen, DavidFullFirearms TCR-Delta9/8/2017
Steele, JacobFullArrest ControlFBIWestern Colorado CC3/24/2017
Steeves, MikeFullFirearms Otero Junior CollegePrior to 2000
Steffa, TrentFullDriving Highlands Ranch9/5/2018
Stegink, TimFullArrest ControlFBIJefferson County SO 5/24/2005
Stensgaard, RichardFullArrest ControlDPDDenver PD12/2/2011
Stetler, AndrewFullFirearms Pueblo PD2/10/2023
Stevens, MarkFullFirearms El Paso County SO9/30/2005
Stevens, MarkFullDriving El Paso County SO3/7/2008
Stevens, MarkFullArrest ControlPPCTEl Paso County SO9/19/2008
Stevens, MarkFullArrest ControlEPSOEl Paso County SO3/6/2009
Steveson, LeslieFullArrest ControlFBIHighlands Ranch5/24/2004
Stilley, GregFullFirearms Colorado Springs PD1/10/2020
Stone, RobertFullFirearms El Paso County SO3/16/2004
Stoneking, SheriFullArrest ControlHFRGAdams County SO4/22/2022
Straley, Shannon C.FullFirearms CSP Academy1/16/2009
Strasner, MaxFullDriving El Paso County SO12/16/2004
Stribling, WiltonFullDriving Delta-Montrose6/3/2011
Striewski, Gary J.FullDriving CSP Academy1/29/2008
Stroup, BillyFullFirearms Montrose PD7/10/2020
Stupka, BrandonFullFirearms Weld County SO1/10/2014
Stupka, BrandonFullArrest ControlFBIWeld County SO3/6/2015
Stutman, AlanFullFirearms CC Aurora5/12/2023
Sullivan, DanFullArrest ControlFBIJefferson County SO 12/9/2005
Sullivan, DanFullArrest ControlJeff-LPDJeffco-LPD Combined6/8/2012
Suppes, JacobFullDriving Delta-Montrose 4/16/2001
Sutherland, JosephFullArrest ControlFBI/PPCTArapahoe CC12/18/2003
Sutton, MarkFullDriving Western Colorado CC6/20/2008
Sweeney, JasonFullArrest ControlKogaAurora PD9/24/2021
Sweeney, JasonFullDriving Aurora PD9/24/2021
Sweeney, JasonFullFirearms Aurora PD10/15/2021
Sweeney, SeanFullArrest ControlJeff-LPDJeffco-Lakewood5/11/2018
Swingle, RussellFullArrest ControlPPCTNE Regional 11/3/2004
Tafoya, Christopher J.FullArrest ControlPPCTCSP Academy5/24/2004
Talty, VincentFullFirearms Denver PD10/12/2018
Tapsfield, JesseFullArrest ControlDPDDenver PD3/11/2022
Tarnoff, MattFullDriving Arapahoe CC3/27/2020
Tarvin, KenFullFirearms Colorado Springs PD7/7/2003
Taylor, DannyFullArrest Control Western Colorado LEA - Montrose3/26/2021
Taylor, Lori A.FullFirearms Colorado Rangers2/8/2019
Taylor, NolanFullArrest ControlHighlands RanchDouglas County SO6/4/2021
Taylor, NolanFullArrest ControlFBIDouglas County SO7/23/2021
Taylor, RichFullFirearms Highlands Ranch6/8/2007
Templeton, DouglasFullFirearms Adams County SO7/20/2012
Tetu, KyleFullFirearms CSP Academy4/15/2016
Tetu, KyleFullArrest ControlCSPCSP Academy3/24/2017
Thiret, VicFullFirearms Highlands Ranch10/26/2007
Thomas, Lee AnneFullArrest ControlJeff-LPDJeffco-LPD Combined6/8/2012
Thomas, RobertFullDriving Colorado State Patrol12/1/2023
Thompson, AlvinFullFirearms Red Rocks CC2/15/2013
Thompson, AndrewFullFirearms El Paso County SO11/21/2014
Thompson, DanielFullDriving Colorado Springs PD6/13/2014
Thompson, StephenFullFirearms Adams County SO4/17/2009
Thompson, TraceyFullDriving Colorado Springs PD11/21/2014
Thompson, TravisFullFirearms TCR-Delta3/11/2022
Thoms, GuyFullFirearms Pueblo PD1/22/2002
Thoutt, EricFullArrest ControlLCSOLarimer County SO2/20/2006
Tillman, BrentFullArrest ControlFBIPueblo PD3/9/2007
Tippetts, MatthewFullDriving Highlands Ranch9/24/2021
Torsak, JimFullFirearms Lakewood PD10/18/2013
Toth, TracyFullFirearms Colorado Springs PD1/10/2020
Totten, JohnFullDriving None5/23/2005
Trimble, MarkFullDriving Highlands Ranch3/26/2021
Trout, AnissaFullFirearms Weld County SO1/10/2014
True, Steveny (Stevie)FullFirearms Adams County SO6/3/2016
Trujillo, EdwardFullDriving El Paso County SO2/2/2005
Tucker, JohnFullArrest ControlPPCTWeld County SO4/16/2002
Tucker, JohnFullDriving Weld County SO9/18/2020
Tucker, JohnFullFirearms Weld County SO2/11/2022
Turnbull, KarenFullFirearms Buena Vista - CMC6/5/2003
Turner, MatthewFullFirearms Weld County SO4/13/2018
Turner, MatthewFullFirearms Weld SO4/13/2018
Tuttle, TrevorFullDriving Adams County SO9/9/2022
Unger, LoranFullFirearms Pueblo PD7/8/2022
Utu, Faamoana (Pua) S.FullArrest ControlFBIWestern Colorado CC3/12/2010
Valdez, RichardFullArrest ControlPPCTDurango - Pueblo CC3/11/2016
Valerio, TeodoroFullFirearms TCR-Delta5/11/2018
Van Duzer, LoganFullArrest Control CMC Glenwood3/26/2021
Van Duzer, LoganFullFirearms Colorado Mountain College8/20/2021
Van Hook, Joseph K. FullFirearms Highlands Ranch11/18/2016
Van Lingen, EugeneFullArrest ControlFBIJefferson County SO 6/5/2003
Van Ooyen, MarcusFullArrest ControlFBIColorado Springs PD5/8/2015
Van Ooyen, MarcusFullDriving Colorado Springs PD9/8/2017
Vanderpool, BrianFullFirearms Glenwood - CMC5/12/2017
Vanderpool, BrianFullArrest Control CMC Glenwood7/14/2017
Vandiver, MatthewFullFirearms Jeffco-LPD Combined7/18/2014
Vanhook, JamesFullDriving SCLETA1/31/2005
Vanhook, Jeffrey M. FullDriving Larimer County SO6/11/2010
Vanzant, CoryFullFirearms CSP Academy7/17/2015
Varela, SamFullArrest ControlFBI/PPCTPikes Peak CC3/24/2005
Vargason, RogerFullDriving Colorado Springs PD8/1/2001
Vazzano, MarcoFullFirearms El Paso County SO9/2/2004
Velasquez, ChristopherFullFirearms Montrose PD10/28/2022
Velasquez, PaulFullFirearms CSP Academy8/6/2002
Villegas, Paul E. FullDriving Otero Junior College6/8/2012
Wagner, RandallFullFirearms Denver PD11/16/2007
Walker, Matthew FullFirearms Highlands Ranch3/11/2022
Walker, MichaelFullDriving Denver PD6/8/2007
Wallace, SamanthaFullFirearms Adams County SO2/10/2017
Wallis, KennethFullArrest Control CSP11/3/2017
Wallis, KennethFullDriving CSP Academy3/1/2019
Wanchisen, Bradley D.FullDriving Aurora PD12/4/2009
Wanchisen, Bradley D.FullArrest ControlKOGAAurora PD6/3/2011
Wanchisen, Bradley D. FullFirearms Aurora PD4/20/2012
Ward, ChristopherFullFirearms El Paso County SO12/16/2004
Wardell, TracyFullFirearms Jefferson County SO 2/2/2005
Watada, GaryFullFirearms None12/7/2012
Waters, JamesFullFirearms Colorado Springs PD2/14/2020
Waters, Trent J.FullFirearms CSP Academy7/19/2013
Watts, TerrenceFullDriving El Paso County SO2/9/2004
Waugh, HarlanFullArrest ControlPPCTRed Rocks CC2/20/2006
Wayman, TravisFullDriving Adams County SO12/3/2021
Wayman, TravisFullFirearms Adams County SO4/22/2022
Webb, RichardFullArrest ControlFBIJefferson County SO 1/11/2008
Webb, RichardFullArrest ControlJeff-LPDJeffco-LPD Combined6/8/2012
Weber, AndrewFullArrest ControlLCSOLarimer County SO12/14/2015
Webster, ScottFullArrest ControlFBIPikes Peak CC11/11/2011
Weiss, FrankFullDriving Highlands Ranch6/26/2000
Weiss, TonyFullArrest ControlPPCTSteamboat - CMC8/6/2002
Wells, DavidFullFirearms Aurora PD1/26/2007
Wells, DavidFullArrest ControlKOGAAurora PD3/7/2008
West, ThomasFullArrest ControlHFRGAdams County SO4/22/2022
Westbrook, JustinFullArrest ControlPPCTDelta-Montrose3/9/2007
Westerfield, JamesFullFirearms Larimer County SO11/8/2019
Westermire, JanielleFullArrest ControlFBI Western Colorado CC6/20/2008
Wheeler, PaulFullDriving El Paso County SO6/20/2008
White, GregFullFirearms El Paso County SO5/18/2007
White, GregFullArrest ControlPPCTEl Paso County SO12/7/2007
Whitlock, DavidFullArrest ControlFBIColorado Springs PD5/9/2014
Whitlock, DavidFullDriving Colorado Springs PD3/15/2017
Whitney, JeanetteFullArrest ControlPPCTEl Paso County SO5/11/2007
Whittemore, ToddFullFirearms Pueblo PD9/8/2017
Whitten, JeanFullArrest ControlPPCTEl Paso County SO9/30/2005
Whitten, JeanFullArrest ControlEPSOEl Paso County SO3/6/2009
Wilde, MarkFullArrest ControlEPSOEl Paso County SO3/9/2012
Williams, RichFullFirearms Larimer County SO5/23/2005
Williams, TimFullFirearms Jefferson County SO 11/13/2009
Williamson, LeeFullFirearms Durango - Pueblo CC2/10/2003
Willis, AllisonFullArrest ControlFBITCR-Delta12/8/2023
Wilmott, MichaelFullFirearms El Paso County SO3/16/2004
Wilson, JeffreyFullArrest ControlPPCTWeld County SO6/8/2007
Wilson, JeffreyFullDriving Weld County SO3/11/2011
Winckler, RobertFullFirearms Denver PD11/14/2008
Witte, LarryFullFirearms Western Colorado LEA - Montrose2/19/2021
Wolz, BradyFullArrest ControlCSPColorado State Patrol11/3/2023
Wood, PaulFullFirearms Adams County SO3/7/2014
Wood, ScottFullFirearms Colorado Rangers12/7/2018
Worcester, ClayFullArrest ControlFBIMontezuma County 3/31/2003
Workman, AdamFullDriving Arapahoe County SO3/27/2020
Wrede, KeithFullDriving Colorado Springs PD12/4/2009
Wren, AngieFullArrest ControlPPCTArapahoe CC9/18/2015
Wren, RichardFullFirearms Otero Junior College5/17/2005
Wyberg, DerekFullArrest Control Pueblo PD9/8/2017
Wygant, SteveFullFirearms Jefferson County SO 1/22/2002
Wygant, SteveFullDriving Jefferson County SO 3/9/2007
Wysocki, RonaldFullDriving Durango - Pueblo CC2/10/2003
Yant, RobertFullFirearms Montezuma County 11/4/2002
Yarbrough, DavidFullArrest ControlPPCTEl Paso County SO5/11/2007
Yarbrough, DavidFullArrest ControlEPSOEl Paso County SO3/6/2009
Young, MaxFullFirearms Highlands Ranch5/23/2005
Youngs, GregFullArrest ControlJeff-LPDJefferson County SO7/23/2021
Youngs, GregFullFirearms Jeffco-LPD Combined8/19/2022
Zajac, ChetFullArrest ControlPPCTDelta-Montrose 7/28/2006
Ziegler, RichardFullFirearms Denver PD5/12/2023
Zimmerman, DavidFullFirearms Highlands Ranch6/4/2021
Zurek, DougFullDriving Pikes Peak CC12/2/2011
Zutman, AdamFullDriving CSP Academy3/12/2010
Zutman, AdamFullFirearms CSP Academy3/12/2010



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