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Entering Dog Protection Act Training

Printable PDF - Instructions on Submitting Dog Protection Act In-Service Training

Dog Protection Act Training is entered as pre-approved In-Service Training. The following link gives instructions on selecting the class from the drop-down list of courses and adding your students. The training will then be reflected on their Acadis training record.

To submit required Dog Protection Act In-Service training please follow the steps below for your sworn personnel that have completed the required training.

1. Please log in to the Portal and select the "Training &, Events" tab and then the "Submit Completed Training for Approval" button

2. Select "Starting with a pre-approved course or course material" option and begin typing "dog"

3. When the class auto-populates with Dog Protection course (only one available), select "Continue" and then fill in the required fields, ie. dates of training, comments, instructor information

4. Put Dog Protection Task Force as official provider, and add students.

screenshot of webform page

screenshot of webform page part 2

5. Click in the box to "Enter name" and your roster will populate the drop down list.

6. Add "All active employees", or just select officers who have completed the training one by one and then "Add to Roster"

screenshot of webform page part 3

7. Final review/approval – you can add more students, you do not have to submit any documents, and then click "Submit for Approval."