"My Why" Campaign

Multiple challenges face the law enforcement community in Colorado today. Some of them include: challenges to find qualified applicants, particularly from diverse backgrounds, and lack of understanding by the public of law enforcement agencies and the services they provide to communities.

While it's not feasible to completely solve all challenges that face the profession, we can and should start working on making positive changes to support law enforcement and the public’s understanding of it. "My Why" is a statewide campaign aspiring to do that.

We ask all interested law enforcement agencies and individual peace officers to join us in the effort of creating and sharing series of short videos about why you joined law enforcement profession and why you are staying in it. We hope the project will accomplish the following:

Create an additional outlet for recruitment

One of the themes from the Recruitment, Retention and Training Working Group for the Presidential Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice focused on how traditional recruiting videos are failing the profession. These videos tend to focus on the high risk/high excitement, but low probability facets of law enforcement, such as SWAT calls or high-speed pursuits. They not only inaccurately represent what to expect if one enters the profession, but also tend to not resonate with the generation currently entering the workforce.

Focusing on stories of service to community better represents the reality of the profession and will better resonate with potential applicants. Prioritizing the stories of women and persons with diverse backgrounds who serve as officers has been shown to help increase recruitment from these communities.

Encourage the law enforcement community

Creating and sharing positive messages for peace officers can help remind them of their own “why,” as well as show how valuable their service is. Improving the morale of law enforcement is vital to peace officers’ mental/emotional health and overall public safety.

Educate the public and personalize the image of law enforcement

Offering a glimpse into the daily life of law enforcement will humanize the perception of its representatives the public might have. It can help start a difficult process of overcoming stereotypes and building trust.

"My Why" Videos

Watch, get inspired & share these videos with your network!


When you create your own video, please use "My Why" Social Media Kit for reference. Remember to tag POST:

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and include #WhyIServe hashtag to become a part of the campaign.

"Who wants to be a cop in 2021? They do" by CPR News.